Friday, April 04, 2008

Is that popcorn in your hair, or are you just happy to see me?

the popcorn ceiling drove my Father and I batty today. We are both too picky about painting to really want to deal with that crap..

I at some point had it in my hair, on my face...crap.

The other amazing thing here was...face plates in the living room. I swear there were 14 face plates. Crap.

I will say this, practice makes perfect, and well since I have been painting a lot I am getting better I believe.

My cutting in is fantastic now!


Tomorrow, we are going to paint the hallway. I managed to trim it out tonight, I also spot painted the doors.

Oh and a quick shout out to the friendly and helpful guy at Sherwin Williams, who mixed my paint to match PERFECTLY! AMAZING!!

I am beat...

I need a quick idea for dinner tomorrow night.

I also must stop and pay for gymnastics and ballet tomorrow.

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