Sunday, April 20, 2008

I do not get anime?

The Collective are watching some sort of anime this a.m., as I sit here trying to recall how to put on make up.

I do not get anime.

We have church this morning.

I then have to run to Walmart, and get a few things. How I hate going to Walmart, but since moving down the road it is handier than driving all of the way into town.

My open house is today, so I am going to be inside trying to straighten things up in here. Frankly I would rather be outside finishing lawn work. It is supposed to rain every day this week.

I ran out of lawn and leaf bags...

There were 70 in the package.

I bought them after DH left.

I am going to try and keep The Collective outside today, but it will be a battle.

the fence should be up and replaced this afternoon...

I am sitting here this morning, surrounded by laundry I washed and folded last night.

Have a good Sunday!

We are off to church!

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