Thursday, May 01, 2008


I need to start wearing tennis shoes to bed.

I woke

made coffee

made oatmeal

made sure I checked real estate listings in Lincoln. (Ughhh....brick ranch 4 BR, 3 car garage, 3 is impossible for under 350,000....puke)

made sure The Collective ate

made The Collective turn off cartoons

made sure homework was done

made sure everyone had underwear on

made up the beds

made myself get dressed

made lunches

made sure bills were paid

made sure I put stamps on the envelopes

made sure SR knew I lost the hot lunch menu, and he needs to ask his teacher for another one.

made sure I called DH

I need to go to go shopping today. I used to like going shopping, every year I have grown older I hate it.

The good news, The Collective will not be with me, so I do not have to hear about my "bumpy butt", or be asked "what is that", when pointing to the fat protruding over my bra strap...

and I will not have to listen to the chuckles coming out from other dressing room doors as I answer those things...

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