Monday, May 12, 2008

You wanna know why people do not move regularly?

Because it sucks

That's why.

Our movee is only days away now.


and with all of the loose ends I have that need to be tied up....I hope it is enough time.

Not to mention the packing.

I swear I am at the point where now everytime I open a drawer I want to throw everything out....

In other news, I may have have found a car.

I take it to my mechanic this morning for a once over....

So in the last month, I have sold a home, learned all about real estate contracts, went on a trip, and might have purchased a car...

frankly, I am fried folks....

and the idea of packing the rest of the house in such a short time is a bit overwhelming.

Time to EMBRACE the SUCK

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Anonymous said...

*hugs* You are doing a lot. Hope it gets easier soon.