Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Whatever will be, will be. Or the Tyler Durden says I told you so....

Yesterday, and today have gone by as quickly, and as slowly as they could.

It is strange.

All calls to power companies, water, phone etc have been made.

And I am getting excited for Chapter 5 to begin.

There is the realist, the cup half empty, the worrier in the recesses of my brain that keeps flashing a dull yellow light. Caution, SLOW. And then the voice says....

recess: "I hope this was the right decision."

AWTM: "greeaat, nice you come up with this- NOW?"

recess: "nah, I have been thinking it for some time."

AWTM: "Well it is too late now goofball."

recess: "not to late to put you in a last minute panic."

AWTM: "You are the queen of that, the expert, the doubting Thomas."

recess: "hey, it is what I do. I am "the I told you so"

AWTM: "life is what you make it, right?"

recess: "it is, so why are you leaving."

AWTM: "things here were not following our 5-10 year plan, we have choices you know."

recess: "choices, yes. Let us just hope this wasn't like spinning some roulette wheel."

AWTM: "stuff a sock in it."

recess: "so what do you want?"

AWTM: "I want what everyone else wants."

recess: "fortune? fame? Do you think you are heading to OZ.?"

AWTM: "You kill me. Seriously. No I want good health, happiness, I want my family to be able to be together, I miss my friends and family. They mean a great deal to me."

recess: "You know, when you pull into the state, things will not light up to technicolor. You now that don't you?"

AWTM: "Do you think I am overly optimistic, because if you do....you really do not know me. BTW, this is ridiculous."

recess: "Me?"

AWTM: "Yeah you....now please stuff a sock in it, and lets get some work done, clock is ticking."

recess: "I know I can see it on the wall."

AWTM: "Enough already. it will get packed...LAST."

recess: "ridiculous indeed."

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