Monday, May 19, 2008

School Days...

There is a flurry of activity here, and of course, it is timed exactly as we are heading out...

We are blessed, no doubt about it, but I feel as though I am on the fast track this week.

It is now 11:30am, and I am just sitting down for the first time today, and drinking my morning coffee.

This morning SR had school pictures, and there was an award ceremony at school. The school we send SR to is a Christian Academy. They offer pre-k-12 grade. There are 70 students, from kindergarten-12 grade. I have enjoyed that part of the school very much. The older students do keep an eye out for the little guys, they always greet them, they mentor them. And since we go to church at the same place, there is a sense of community there. This was important to me, especially since we have no family near. I wanted The Collective to feel a civic responsibility to something bigger, be part of a group....and I was lucky enough to find it, and am glad. And thank God daily, for putting me on that path.

The kindergarten year is now ALMOST complete, and I got to sit in on an awards ceremony this morning. I will make no secret that I got teary on and off through the entire awards. Not for just my child, but for EVERY student. It was touching, and moved me, and I am glad I got to be part....

Each student was assigned a biblical trait by his or her peers....and that was wonderful to see. What a difference a year can make in some childrens lives. A year can make a difference, I actually got to see it with my own child. But I was not the only parent who was smiling today.

The student that was having difficulty in public school mainting grades, made the B honor roll.

The student with cerebal palsy recieved basketball award.

The socially awkward child, who was awarded the highest averages in EVERY subject in his class, and also got MOST improved handwriting.

The hydrocephalic child, who was awarded most compasionate and merciful.

And there were so may other awards given, it is hard to think of them all.

I enjoyed listening to their teachers speak of them sweetly, and with tears in their eyes....

And my child.

My child who was terrified of school for the first 2 weeks, who was overwhelmed by the constant noise, and flurry of child who escaped the school building 2 times in the first week.


He managed straight A's this year, and is working a year ahead of his peers, he was given the trait of most equitable, and he was voted by his peers as most likely to be The President of The United States Of America......

and when they made that announcement, he said

"I want to be a math teacher."

I am blessed!

And I lived through kindergarten.

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