Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Holy Moses!

I just got my medical bill, from my chest CT scan.

It was 1,988.88.....


I was blessed to have 2 insurances.

but I still owe $$$.

And I hate to complain about medical care prices. I do.

But I know people that do not go to the Dr. because of prices like these.

I recall my Father being life flighted from our hometown to Omaha in 1988, and the cost was $7,000...

He was legally dead for some time and it was a life flight...his hospital stay was over a month.

My Mothers battle with cancer was also a costly battle. In the end, when she was no longer eligible for tried and true treatments, but was still wanting to fight, her Physicians found a pharmacuetical company, that had chemotherapy for brain cancer, and she so wanted to get better. The chemotherapy was essentially 3 pills. $7,000 per treatment. But when you are dying I guess you will try just about anything.

Today's bill was a reminder for me to stay healthy, and take good care of myself and my family....

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