Tuesday, May 20, 2008

12 days


12 days, and we are homeless.


I am not worried, as The Collective and I will be staying at Grampanio's house. Lots of fresh air,, dirt, Tonka trucks, dirt, a tractor....and best of all Grampanio. Oh and his asparagus is coming up right now! So I am guessing it should be rhubarb time too.

We are having some trouble locating a home right now with EVERYTHING we want. I am a tire kicker by nature. A salesman's nightmare really. However, I know we will know the moment we walk in right?

DH should fly in tomorrow for Kindergarten graduation, help pack, and load a truck. Finish sorting some final things out around here.

So far one storage unit full. 2 U-Haul trips down.

Hoping we can do it with 2 more.....

I have bubble wrap arriving today via FEd-ex. I might meet DH wrapped up in it at the airport.

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