Friday, May 16, 2008

No new tale to tell....

Trying to kick ass and pack....

Awaiting the PO address from DH, so I can deal with what is mail.

Ummmm....working on the budget which is evolving every day.

And yes, packing. I did not get as much packed as I would have liked yesterday, between picking up my car, going to the Dr. a trip to the gas station (who knew $20.00 could fill half of a tank?) I am used to putting a little over $70.00 in the truwk. Picking up The Collective from their respective places, and having 6 neighbor kids here last night having a water fight....yeah not nearly as much got packed as I would have liked. Maybe today.

I did pick up some non enviremental friendly plastic spoons, paper plates, and bowls yesterday. I am on dishes strike from here on out I believe.

Cooking is also on the back will be spaghetti, frozen pizza, salads, and sandwiches.

I HATE packing. HATE it. One box at a time right....?

Trying to think of what has sucked the most in this process....and I will say packing is worse than painting....the yardwork, well I enjoy that. Packing.....ick.

I am going to try to run out of boxes today, which will mean a trip to the liquor store. Do not worry folks I do not plan on buying a thing....a friend advised I packed the bar last, and it is well stocked.....and I picked up a 6 pack of Amstel light the other day. 1 bottle seems to taste delicious after packing all day....and I am not a beer girl.

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