Wednesday, May 28, 2008

laaaaaaa.....(you know the sound the sky makes when angels appear)

Called my hairdresser today....

Can you see if Nula can get me in PLEASE.....

And amazingly enough, I am getting in!!

I have not been in for a while, my hair looks a mess, and I know she will cut it, so the next person can use it as a map. You see I have fine naturally curly hair. (Even my gray hair is coming in curly.....I am tired of pulling it out. And if I keep pulling it out I will be bald).

I will look shiny and new when I arrive at my Fathers!

Hoooray! I am thrilled.

I also will get to say goodbye to one of the only constants I have had in 8 years. My beloved hairdresser who is the BEST inside and out. And her NY accent is something I lurve.

Friday, I will look shiny and new.

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