Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fish don't fry in the kitchen

This moving process, has been an enlightening process. I am my own worst enemy some days. There have been more days where I have been tougher on myself than I should. I am my worst critic in most instances.

One day I will think I am kicking @$$ and taking names, and the next day, well I think I am light years behind. Quite a mind screw when you do it for any length of time.

There are times I am most thankful for my blog and the records I keep. As it is a reminder of dates, and events. And this is one of those times. I need to keep reminding myself, that it has only been about one month since we sold the house. And although I have been packing for months. Well I still run the house. Running a house, well it does take a little time.

I seem to be in a panic about every other day right now. "Am I where I need to be?" A good question, but heck, there is nothing to measure it against, so no point. Head down go go go. If I am honest with myslef, it appears I am about where I need to be with everything.

So I am gonna try and knock it off....because it is pointless.

Going to get DH from the airport today! I did not fashion a bikini out of the bubble wrap.

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