Wednesday, August 06, 2008

things I lurve so far....

I love being all together as a family again. DH had been here since I believe February. It had been a while.

I love our new home, despite some of the wacki colors and other fixable things. I love my deck, it is HUGE, and partially covered. The yard is great too, we have soo many butterfly bushes, that we almost always have 20 butterflies about.

I love the public library, and yawl know how much I loved our old library. They have a bigger selection of books for the children and SEVERAL play areas. We can even check out MORE books and movies!

The service here has been great,so far!! For example, I sent a note to the Nebraska state licensure for nursing this morning and heard back within 15 minutes. Seriously.

We escaped the 100 degree MONTHS in Arkansas, and even though we picked the hottest weekend to move, it was still tolerable. Yesterday it was 79 degrees, and cooled off at night!! (Ask me again in November when I am freezing).

The public parks, and childrens museum are fantastic. Seriously! The Children's Museum is incredible 3 levels of amazing activities. This will come in handy when it is 30 below zero.

The stores ARE clean!! Spotless. When DH arrived, and was here for the first week, he was almost run over by an employee with a mop.


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