Thursday, August 28, 2008

Will Obama give out government cheese with the whine...

I begged DH to let me watch Obama's speech tonight...he claimed it would make him vomit.

Yeah, don't ask me why I insisted. I seriously wanted to hear "it" before the punditry and spin started.

DH said "I thought this was the DNC, not burning man."

He kills me really.

The most peculiar thing to me. Is the fact that Obama always ends up trying to convince Democrats, to vote for his socialist ways, doing the "My Grandmother worked so hard my Mother worked so hard" story. He does it every SINGLE time.

He ALWAYS ends up with Mother and Grandma. How proud he is of them and how hard they have worked. He mentions, how his heroes are his hard working Mother and Grandmother. Then he will mention how working hard, is not fun. It is hard. Some folks have a hard time making ends meet. He does not trust anyone to take care of themselves. "Let the government help you."

It is a fundamental conundrum that confuses me.

Using a pulling ones self up by the bootstrap story to propagate socialism.

I do not get it all.

Oh and there is that little thingy where his Trinity church, let Palestinian terror groups meet there...

*Oh and I am sort of confused as to why Obama referred to Russia as our "oldest ally". Did I miss something?

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