Thursday, August 14, 2008


Finally, I feel as though I have accomplished something.

Mounds of paperwork done.

OK, so I am exaggerating a bit.

But it was a lot of paperwork.

New physicians paperwork-done.

Immunization records obtained, and copied for new Drs. and schools.

Rebate for the new Internet connection filled out.

School information sheet about my child filled out(this should help his teacher tons).

All school paperwork complete. No small exercise. I promise.

Instead of mailing it, I am going to run it to school tomorrow, it is less than a mile away, and I want to ensure it is there.

In good news, the school day does not start until 9am! How nice is that. That will help our family mounds.

I did call family friends the other day. They have a home painting business here in town and have been painting for at least 40 years. They are coming Tuesday to give the house a peek, offer suggestions and put in a bid. I have trepidation about color. I figure, they will know what looks good when up on a wall. Plus I have one of those open floor plans, and rounded corners. I have no idea where to "stop" with one color and begin another, or if one color is fine. Unsure if I can do more than one color. For those folks that say.."ah, it is paint, you can just repaint." No thanks. I hate thrown enough paint up this year. The exterior of my last house, seriously about killed me. I would like to do this once, and leave it for 5 years. I can do the bedrooms, etc. But the great room is overwhelming.

DH came home and mowed, the lawn is lush. It is very pretty. We had not mowed since DH had been gone. I took some time to weed, and cut some dead blooms off of some flowers.

We are hosting my niece's birthday party Saturday, Cousin Curl turned 4 the other day!!

It will be nice to have everyone here. The first big event.

Relief. Seriously. We are making headway.

Now if these damn boxes would unpack themselves, I would be thrilled.

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