Sunday, August 03, 2008

where did that bruise come from?

That was the game I played tonight as I lay in the tub looking at my legs...

My guess is a desk, or a box. Something.

Another of those quick update thingys which I do poorly.

I LURVE the house. Lurve it. However, there is that midwestern pessimisstic part of me, that just stays "even". Just in case. One would not want to get oo excited. #1, it might look like pride. #2, you are asking for something bad to happen if you are "too happy."

Seriously, I am nutz.

My Brother and his wife were here yesterday, and my Brother kept saying over and over. "you do not seem that excited, aren't you excited?"

For the record, I am thrilled. I am.

We are blessed. I am married to the man I love, I have 2 children I asked for. the house, well that part is gravy. It is beyond my wildest expectations.

We are home...

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