Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Wheat blogging

Well if Jerry can do it, I can too!!

How about "The Great 2008 bloggers wheat off"?

My second cousins planted wheat this year on several sections of land.

It was just gorgeous.

Wheat is pretty at almost every stage.

Even when you are left with just straw.

So here is a video from my Cousin's place, who actually lives in a "village".

This is a video of the grain harvest.

This was a HUGE combine, not kidding. The head on the darn thing was 36 feet long. 36 feet. The cost of running this particular combine with diesel fuel?

Guess, come on I know you want to.


PLAYERS: The irritating voice is mine, the squeaky voice is PN, the blond boy is SR. The guy in the shorts, my Dad.

For those folks that are not "country". The combine separates the grain from the wheat. This leaves straw. I think have another video of SR driving the combine, and the balers working on the straw.

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Anonymous said...

That is very cool. BIG machine, BIG field. I believe if you owned that much land in Jersey, you'd be richer than Donald Trump.