Monday, August 25, 2008

The great job search of 2008

I have never applied for a job, I did not have at the end of the day...

Which is pretty common as a nurse, waitress, bartender, and other various jobs I have had.

Here is where the problem lies. I have to get a job, and pretend I am a single Mother...

Why? DH is gone A LOT.

I cannot rely on him to drop off children at school, or to pick them up.

With nursing jobs, this can be rough.

Most nursing jobs are 6am-2:30, 3-11pm, 11-7am. Or the dreaded 12 hour shift 6am-6pm, or 6pm-6am. Unless I want to make $9 an hour, which frankly would not be worth my time, and most of those jobs start at 9am.... that is right when I am dropping SR off at school.

There are also NO snow days in the medical field. They will find a way to come to your home and get you there. There is also not a large allotment of sick days. They also need nurses on Holidays, and weekends.....

See the conundrum?

PN is ready for school, she is social and is longing for a "pre-school". She is a bright 4 year old, and is ready. I feel as though I owe her to not be bored with good ole Mom any longer. I tried. But frankly she is READY. In fact I am sure she is ready for kindergarten, but cannot enter because of her birth date.

I was actually looking at picking up a lunch shift at a restaurant down the road. I figured, I could live on tips for a while.

And then I got answers yesterday.....

It seems there is a nanny in the neighborhood. She is retired, and widowed and looking for some extra $.

ahhhh....relief. I was relieved, even though I have not spoke with her yet. I have a few things to clear up first.

#1. get my hands on contact hours complete.

#2. take the two job offers into consideration and pick.

It is sort of spooky to go back to work after this amount of time...

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