Saturday, August 23, 2008

A post in which I prove I was high school entrepreneur of the year.....

In case you could not tell, after my bedroom/macbok post.

I have a case of the grouchies.

Actually I think it is a case of the PMS.

You know, I never put much stock into the idea of PMS. Never did, but the last 3 years...yowza.

Now I'm a believer.

The Collective sense I am not my lovey self, but seem to feel safe to play "lets poke her with sticks all day just to make sure she is not insane." Not a fun game. especially if you fell partially insane living with a garage with boxes staring at you, and a bedroom that is pink and blue.

My Mother had a case of the grouchies from the time she was 38-47. My sister and I refer to them as "the dolphin years." Why? Well she would just unfurl with this noise of angst when irritated. And I promise, we walked on eggshells around her. If we would have pulled the kind of poking with sticks routine that my kids try to do with me...I might not be living and typing this.

I am hoping my case of the grouchies, does not last that long.

However, tonight as I was sitting here pondering the fact that I am jobless, and have such a massive hole in my resumme..

Maybe I should open the basement room to a bunch of crazy premenstruals. I mean after all, I have spoke of this red tent thingy to death here on the blog. Native Americans used to pack a tent and leave during their "time"...they saw it as a time for rest and renewel, reflection.

So, I have decided that if I am not employed by December I am going to open the basement room up as a "The Red Tent for Premenstrual Types". Because frankly they just want to be left alone. they want a padded room, a nice bed, a basket with chocolate/and something with salt, a small tv where they can watch stupid movies that make them cry, and the book Bridges of Madison County...

I sooo think I can do that too.

It does have a catchy ring to it.

"The Red Tent for Premenstrual Types"

~when all you want to do, is not be bothered

I think it is sort of a catchy idea.

I wonder who will give me a loan?

I should probably find a male loan officer with a 38 year old wife who is grouchy.

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