Friday, August 15, 2008

I ain't unpacking shit that does not have a home...

Tomorrow morning is the big PARTY yeah, it will be nice to have everyone in the same house. Well i thought it would be. DH told me he has to work tomorrow. Crap. He said he thought he told me, I say I do not recall hearing there.

I talked to Dad on the phone tonight, he really wanted to go to storage with DH and move the rest of the stuff, since we will have extra man power here.

No can do.

Which is fine by me.

All 5 beds have fresh linens, and have since we have moved in. That night. All beds were set up and made.

The kitchen is unpacked, although I am missing at least 2 boxes, and my darn crock pot.

My Dad will have a bee in his bonnet tomorrow, he will want to dig into my boxes, and unpack them.

And then I will have piles of more stuff laying around.

In good news, I got a handy dandy shoe organizer tonight, some other storage containers that will fit in my laundry room closet, and I got PN's bookshelves, for less than half of the original price! Yeehaw. I should be able to unpack her books tomorrow night, as well as have a place for her baskets. (Praise Jesus, this kid is a mess.)

I am going to try and paint SR's room this week, the green is driving me batty. I am going to try and paint it a dark tan, and then drop a 7 inch stripe that is navy about 6 inches from the ceiling. Unsure if I want to mess with the stripe or not. He insisted on big boy bedding upon moving in. I also bought him a new lamp shade and finial tonight. A new lamp shade, did wonders. His room needs no cleaning up, as he is very tidy (with his room).

We will see if I paint or not, school starts this week. We have an open house Monday night, and then school Wednesday.

I need to find a class for a week to take a refresher course, in order to reinstate my nursing license.

I need to figure out what I want to do when I grow up...

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