Friday, August 08, 2008

I have balls

Too many balls in the air.

I found a job listing!

It is with the school system, in healthcare.

The position closes Monday.

I have no printer.

So I must run and get an application today.

Which means I must clean up and head down there to get one, and then I must fill it out and have it back down there today.

I also noted I have to take a "nursing refresher course" to practice here. Darn it. I did not need to do this in Arkansas.

I still cannot find a Dr. I have scoured the Tri-Care West sight. Most will not take Tri Care Prime Remote.

I have to find The Collective's immunization records. They are in a box, somewhere in the garage.

I am still unpacking.

Feels ridiculous.

I am not used to so much administrative "schtuff".

*Update: Got application today. Filled it out, and handed it in. Found my most non-wrinkled professional looking outfit. Not easy when you are a SAHM. The Collective showed their "a$$e$" in the office, after I gave them a long lecture about it. I rarely "get mad"...but I was not happy. Sliced my finger on the dolly in the garage. Blood EVERYWHERE. Butterflied it, sitting here with it iced. And am now grouchier than ever.

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.... said...

Balls bounce when they hit the can too, breathe in and out and take it one thing at a time.... Good luck with the job.