Friday, August 22, 2008


SR has made it clear to me that he is already bored with school. He told me they are doing pre-k work.

They are not I assure you.

I think the teachers are reviewing skill sets from last year to ensure all of the children are on the same page. She is also trying to establish a routine. So the children know what to expect.

I have always known my son was ahead of his peers. I have not pushed things, I have tried to nurture his skills. But I have never pushed. He can be intense, and a worrier. I try not to add to those things.

Most of his challenges last year, were "learning the rules". Interacting with his peers in an appropriate way.

However on day one of school, he came home to tell me he is bored in math. Yesterday he told me they were writing the letter A.

Fast forward to last night. First grade open house.

I read through the curriculum for the year. He already knows it. Which says nothing about anyone else or what a normal 6 year old can do.

I just KNOW, they will have a problem with him, if he is bored. (the teacher informed me that he jumped off a desk in the classroom yesterday, he had to go to the thinking area, the new time out). He knows better. So he was having trouble controlling his impulses, trying to wow his peers, or trying to get attention is my guess. Heck perhaps it was all 3.

I stayed after the meeting to talk with the teacher. I tried to explain to her, that I have always know he was bright, but I was surprised at how far ahead he is, after looking at the cirruclum. I explained that SR can multiply, and divide some numbers, he can read cursive hand writing, he can also read most words. He has been sight reading since the age of 18 months....he enjoys the abstract, he enjoys mechanisms, he can count change.

I warned her that he is bored, and it will be a long 2 weeks, if he is not challenged soon. They do have an accelerated program, and I think he may be a candidate.

She did mention that he seemed hyper, and mentioned Dr. in the same sentence. I told her he has incredible focus, IF he is engaged.

I would be bored to if someone asked me to write the letter A.

I think some of his behaviors are clearly boredom now, I think he is also having trouble interacting with his peers because their interests are not his. He does interact much better with older children and adults. Most adults I know do not like interacting with people that do not have the same abilities or interests.

This should be an interesting year.

I sent the teacher an e-mail last night requesting a meeting, and suggesting he be evaluated for an accelerated program.


*also he has taught himself how to play Englishman in New York by ear last week. He only uses one finger but still....

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