Monday, August 11, 2008

Houston, we have a Dr.



And now I hope we like them.

For the record, I have not had Tri-Care Prime-evah.

I have not had military insurance for 16 years.

A new adventure awaits.

The good news, the new office is friendly, and helpful.

The Collective get in for physicals this Thursday!

How handy Dandy is that?

In other news. My DH had to talk me out of my anxiety tree. I spend a lot of time in the anxiety tree.

I am easily talked out...

Classic worrier. Note my wrinkled forehead, and furrowed brow.

After 38 years you would think I would learn anticipation of the worst is a terrible way to live everyday...

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Amy said...

Unfortunately, I don't have anything really good to say about Tri-Care. They always need to make the easy things really hard to get accomplished.

And be prepared if you guys get a promotion - for everyone to get "kicked" out of the system. I've been dealing with that for almost a year now!

On the bright side - our pediatrician office at our MTF is great.