Thursday, August 07, 2008

Sir Rowland driving the combine

Unsure when this video will be available, sometimes Youtube, takes a little time.

I present Sir Rowland driving an hugantic combine.

Here is how the conversations started...

Farmer: "So you want to drive the combine?"

SR: "I am afraid I do not have a drivers license." (serious as a heart attack)

Farmer: " Let me look around, I do not see any patrolman around here."

SR: (stuck a piece of straw in his mouth, and took his responsibilities very seriously.)

*NOTE: you can hear my female cousin calling in, asking pretty much "where in the hell are you".....I felt a little bad for imposing during harvest time, but how often do "city kids" get to drive a combine?

I still cannot get over $800 a day to run the combine!


Anonymous said...

I can't get to the video, but that is great he got a chance to drive it!

That 1 Guy said...

Heh... thanks to this post, I've got this tune stuck in my head...

I am afraid I do not have a drivers license."

I can hear him saying that...