Thursday, August 14, 2008

More boring crap...

Today was school haircut, and school shoe shopping day.

First I will tell you, upon waking this am it was 65 degrees. I note some trees yellowing, the locusts are telling me we got 5-6 weeks left before COLD.

OYE vey, I am used to a little longer summer.

Loving how it cools off at night. Lurve it.

This morning Dish Network came to install the DISH thingy, next week they put a permanent foundation thingy in for it. So it will not be an eyesore on the roof, or on the deck.

In good news, they did it in the rock bed, in bad news I feel like a chicken trying to turn the darn thing on and off.

Then it was off for "look nice for school haircuts. SR has inherited my cowlicks. Poor guy. He has 3. I have like 6. They look smashing.

then it was off to get school shoes.

SR is the problem here. If a shoe is made with any sort of bump in the fabric, if it is too tight, or too ANYTHING, it turns into an all day event. Not joking. So I decided to take the kids to a "children's shoe store". I made them aware of the problem, and bingo bango first and second pair both fit. AMAZING! I made him pick ONE pair. And then it was PN's turn. The child is 4, in the 90 percentile on her height and wears a 13 shoe. She looks like she is wearing boats on her feet. I tried hard to get her to buy a brown pair of Mary Janes, or even suede. No. She wanted PINK, some sort of pink athletic, mary jane. they are ugly. ACK. I went ahead and let her get them. My thinking, everything she owns is pink anywho, and quite frankly I will not be wearing them...

FRankly it was well worth the extra money to be in and out in 20 minutes. Seriously.

Tonight, and tomorrow I will finishing up paperwork and immunization paperwork.

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