Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Today I am going to Prime SR's room.

And fill out an application...

The mornings are going smoothly here.

PN and I are still walking SR into the school.

He is transitioning amazingly well.

He comes home a little tired, and famished.

Tomorrow I get coiffed (long past due), as summer has taken its toll on my fine hair. The sun has turned it an indescribable color, even with the special summer shampoo/conditioner/ and masque I was using on it...

We meet with SR's teacher to speak with her about the plan for the year.

I did note, they offer accelerated mathemathics, and reading. Both of which he will need.

He mentioned liking art.

So all is well.

PN is getting anxious to start, and has a couple of weeks to wait.

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