Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Endless sea of boxes.....

I think I am trying to set the record for the most time consuming move on record.

Today I managed to unpack 20 more boxes. Mostly kitchen things, vases, tea sets. (note to self, have people over for tea I have enough tea sets here for 40 people at least. That is just silly but they are all "family" semi-mental thingys. I wonder if folks would show up to a tea blog meet? I will blame it on my Father's English anscestry.)

20 boxes, and I felt accomplished. Until DH brought another load home tonight. He did the same thing last night.

It is seriously like the never ending sea of boxes. I have no idea how to stay motivated at this point. The Collective are no longer entertained by the notion of me unpacking. I have been trying to get them out and give them a break here and there, but geesh "how many more boxes are there?"

At this point I do not want to know.

I stopped asking 2 loads ago.

How I had all of this in our teeny house is beyond me.

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.... said...

When you discover your motivation, share it with me....I have about 25 boxes that I refuse to go through because, well I'm happy where they are, they don't seem to mind where they are and until I feel a reason to unpack them, what is in them shall remain a mystery!

I wonder too, how we had so much in a smaller home, Lord knows I am contemplating just selling the boxes as is, unopened....if I have not missed it by now, I probably wont for another month....

Good Luck!