Thursday, August 21, 2008

Paint part 2...

So after noting it was not me and the paint...

Dad is having a stroke, I stayed calm, and said....

"let me do is the closest hardware store, we have dropped a ton of money in there..."

So I called Menard's told them the problem, they were "whatever, no one has ever complained before"

So I load the heart patient who is likely to have a stroke, in my car (My Father NEVER swears, and actually used the F word!)

We go in, and request the manager.

We beg him to hop in the car and look at it.

We explain the situation. Now understand here, I can show my ass with the best of them, I just figure I would try and handle this in a calm manner."

The Menards manager suggested that we get different paint from them.

I was like..."Are you freaking serious, I would not trust you to mix paint ANY longer, your paint quality is poor, I am going to Sherwin Williams like I normally do."

"Dude, the problem is not the paint, or the cost of the paint, it is OUR TIME. We painted for like 8 hours...2 people 8 hours."

Menard's manager: "Well what can I do to make this right?"

AWTM: "Well I do not trust you to mix my paint, would you?"

Menard's manager: "Probably not."

AWTM: "Can we get a gift certificate to make up for our time?"

Menard's manager: "I can't do that?"

AWTM: "Oh really?"

Menard's manager: "What I can do is give you my card, if you need something, let me know, you will have a standing discount. Call me, and I will take care of you."

AWTM: "I do not think this will work for me, I do not want to walk in here and explain this ever again, and I frankly do not trust you to follow through."

Menard's manager: "No we are good, get what you need to replace your painting supplies."

AWTM & Dad: (Go shlep and get supplies, not many I did not want to be greedy. I got 3 rollers, 4 paint tray liners and 1 new brush for cutting in.)

We then schlep off to Sherwin Williams, take the shade we want there and try to match it with one of theirs.

I get one 4 gallons of Cashmere paint, in kilm beige.

I take them home. I put 2 rollers on each wall to test the color.

It is too light.

So I load up and drive clear across town, back to Sherwin Williams with paint in tow.

I pick a new shade. Pavillion Beige.

I take 1 gallon home, and leave 3 behind.

I put the paint up and decide it is correct.

I take SR to First grade open house(another post altogether)

I call Sherwin William's to mix the other 3 gallons.

I pick it up, arrive at the house, and Dad and I paint until 10:30pm.


Paint is lovely, and the finish is so soft, it loks like you could put your hand through the wall.

Anywho, fast forward to yesterday morning. I need different try liners,(the previous ones did not fit the trays I had purchased there when I bought the paint, and they do not sell liners for the trays I bought...go figure) and more rollers. (ain't washing thanks)

I stop in at Menard's, I call the manager to customer service and he says "I can give those to you at cost."

AWTM: "I knew you would do this, I should know better."

Now folks, we are not wealthy, but I have dropped some cash in that store. I should have known, to buy Sherwin Williams paint from the get go...

I needed an 8 foot ladder, I bought it there, I needed paint, I TRIED to buy it there, I need a wrench, I would hop down there. I have spent hundreds of dollars there since being in our home in just 2 weeks.

No longer. I will not be spending our money there any longer. My time is not valuable to them.

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Benjamin Moore lover said...

Try they make any color from ay brand they matched using Benjamin Moore Paint. They sen you a small mini can o test it first then you can buy the gallons from them also with free shipping on $50 or more. They are an 84 year old paint company that has awsome service, they even modify the colors lighter or darker for you. I used the new Aura paint and it covered in 1 coat no primer. awsome stuff. good luck