Thursday, August 07, 2008

3 hours wasted

I spent almost 3 hours on the phone yesterday trying to find a Dr. that will take TRICARE prime remote.

Good luck with that......

We have paid for Federal BC/BS for the past 8 years. Even when my DH was activated and deployed we always kept our other insurance.

And now I know why.

I NEED a Pediatrician. 3 hours of folks telling me they do not accept our insurance. The Collective both need physicals for school ASAP.

I am unhappy about this....

I have not even started looking for Dentisits/Gyno/Internists. Looking for Physicians may be worse than I had anticipated.

* I did call 3 of the groups on The List... they are no longer accepting TriCare Prime remote patients.

I will start making calls tomorrow

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