Monday, March 29, 2010

The sun

Is shining snow is melted, and I finally have lillies sprouting long leaves out of the rocks, and mulch...thank goodness, the entire state almost went mad.

What has been keeping me away from my blog?

I am now a proud Auntie, of a little boy, he is sweet, and teeny. How I forget how teeny they are. I got to spend some time with my niece.

My Mother in law is now living here. It has cut chaos, seriously.

My job, busier than ever, business is BOOMING, grew 3,000 almost overnight. BUSY. Job security, and much more hours. I am working about 40 hours a week now. It works out ok, Gma can pick up and love on grandbabies....she missed them so.

My friend Guard Wife, now has a new addition to her family

So many babies born in the last few heart grows.

Easter is upon us, going to attend Good Friday service, and Easter service, happy.

SpouseBuzz went well in Texas, even if I spent 22 hours in airports. I could have driven there. all of the spousebuzzers continue to amaze me.

DH and I are planning an trip to Las Vegas for our 19th wedding anniversary this year. People keep saying "19 years, and kids that are 8 and 6..that is odd?" We plan on laying as low as we can in Vegas...

DH doing the PS90 or whatever workout, me I should be doing something.....swimsuit season, well it is here....frankly it takes months for me to get used to the idea.

I have never been more glad to see winter go....

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InsomniacSeeker said...

I am glad winter is leaving too. I visited my Mom this past week and we noticed that the bulbs you sent when you moved are finally coming up. We were afraid we had killed them when they didn't ever come up. Hopefully I can get pictures of them to send to you.