Saturday, November 08, 2008

Winter begins



Winter is cold, for those of you who do not know.

I took my loudest wind chimes down yesterday, the metal was like ice.

I must go buy some rubber gloves, in order to do dishes. The winter skin is beginning already. Darn. (Although PN, has taken to doing the ddishes for me, and she does a good job. She washes, and I load them in the dish washer. She is earning $)

The wind continues to howl.

My Brother, his Wife, and my Niece are supposed to come today, I am getting ready to call them, I might make a potato salad, and a pork roast.

DH is gone, yet again. this new gig is the busiest of all gigs ever in his 19 years in. Who would have thought?

Not me.

It is a piddle day.

Tomorrow the big project is moving things from the garage to the basement, so I can go through them at my leisure. Most of it is not mine. Or will permanently, be in storage. Thank God for the huge storage room. Speaking of wich, I need to purchase some foam caulking. (write this down lady, or you will forget.)

Last night was movie night. DH was gone, so I thrw in frozen pizza, made popcorn, and let The Collective have root beer. WE watched a Veggie Tales movie, it was rather cute, I have never watched them before. PN passed out cold by 8pm. Which was needed. The child is growing several inches each day I swear, and is in a constant state of fussy. I am unsure what it is. Part of it boredom, although we do several projects and play all day. She really wants school. I do think her main problem is lack of rest. If she would nap at 11am, until 12 noon...we would get a long much better.

SR is building something, I can hear the Rokenbok unsnapping at speed levels.

I am not used to the freezing temps, and need to climatize quickly.

I did manage to turn the thermostat down to 69, and folks, that is as low as it is going to go.

The basement seems remarkably warm I guess the 2 '6 construction, and insulation are doing the trick.

Yesterday there were a few flurries, nothing crazy, the flakes melted as they hit the ground.

I must get creative in activities, games, and any ideas that will get us through the winter!

Plus, I need a job, because I am going to need to something like a gym membership, otherwise I am going to gain every once I lost hibernating.


Anonymous said...

With your medical background have you thought about medical transcription?

That might be something you could do from home, too.

Just a thought.

Stay warm.

Teresa said...

Scarves... buy them, wear them, they will help keep you warm in the house. I found this out after years of being cold in Chicago. The silky types that aren't too bulky work well inside and don't get in the way - you can change it for a heavier scarf when you go outdoors.

Who knew that keeping the neck warm would help keep the rest of you warm.

Although I always wear some sort layering stuff too. Always a sweater or jacket type thing inside.

And, because I sit in front of a computer 99% of my day - I must have the temp at 70 in the house - even one degree above 69 is a vast help in keeping my fingers from freezing. Don't know why - it might be our house.

Stay warm!