Friday, November 07, 2008


24 degrees here this morning, wind whipping hard and fast.

I am taking my wind chimes down today, the sound is horrible, and irritating.

In Arkansas, they tinkled. Here, they are horrid, drives me nuts.

I read a lot of great plains pioneer diaries, and there are accounts of the sound of the wind making people insane....I understand that.

Our home is sturdy and sound, but the wind will blow hard and make the house creak and crack.

31 mph, is about a normal wind for this time of year. The current temp is 36 degrees, with the wind, it feels like 24.


The snow has blanketed the Midwest, and the only thing separating us from such a fate is barbed wire.

They say no snow today. I hope so. But they say rain, which will be worse, if it freezes. I do not think the ground is cold enough for anything to stick yet.

There is no sun. The trees in the back are naked, my glorious sumac which has been entertaining we with red hues is done. The grass is still green, but fading fast, winter is here.

We are lucky, it has been wonderful out, temperatures in the 70s.

I think I would have made a horrid pioneer wife, the sod house, and dirt floors, wind, no gas fireplace, no gortex?

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Anonymous said...

I flat could not do that cold, let alone this early in the year.

I told the guys at work, that we need to pray I'm healthy for the marathon and that when I get there, its between 50-60 degrees. When it gets to the 70s, and humid, its a bitch to run any great length, let alone the 26.2.

But the 30s? Or colder? yeah, not happening. I'd frickin' DIE. I'd rather run in 70s than anything below 40s. Holy crap.