Thursday, November 06, 2008

Out of Africa...

My dear friend and recent student turned lawyer, and Mother needs help.

With all this happening, I still want to roll out all the adoption things ASAP and a job will definitely help. We need to have a completed homestudy to apply for adoption grants and/or loans. To apply to the agency and complete our homestudy, it will cost around $1,750. It's just so hard because we will have our adoption expenses reimbursed once it's finalized...we just have to come up with the money first. I'm thinking of launching a website where I ask 4,000 of my closest peeps and total strangers to loan me $5. :) I think it could work. Then,when I'm reimbursed, I'll send them their refund.

Something has to give soon with this whole job search. I'm giving myself another week or so and then I head to the Golden Arches. Seriously. I need to get our finances back on track AND start the adoption ball rolling faster. We're in a race against the clock with Hubs deploying. Aye, yie, yie.

I know you're already praying and I appreciate it much. Keep up the good work!

I would love for this family to make the adoption dream come true. She needs a web designer, and donations which will be returned after the adoption process has ended.

I will vouch for this gal, on every level.....


Stacy said...

I will too.

Guard Wife said...

You ladies...I dearly love you both, you know. :)

Thanks for believing in me & this effort. I know we can do this. :)