Sunday, November 30, 2008

She thinks I am weird

I have been memed...

by Tammy of Household 6

It is a meme, called 7 weird things about you...

She has met me on more than one occasion. Heh....


Just 7?

1) I have a devil of a time getting to sleep, but once I am out if I know someone else is responsible for the kids...(I could sleep for like 15 hours) However, sleeping 15 hours, means that I would need no sleep for like 2 days, and it would lead to insomnia. Are you getting the picture here? So I sleep 6 hours.

2) I like my quiet time, I am selfish with it. When the kids go down at night, I luxuriate, in the fact that the tots are sleeping. I milk my time from 8pm-until I fall asleep.

3) I loathe creepy movies. Isn't life creepy enough? I do love Hitchcock, mostly for the fashion, but only will watch creepy movies, if I know DH is not going out of town for a month, which is rarely the case, so I do not watch them.

4) I am apocalyptic in thought, and even though I am Christian, and have tremendous faith in god, I am always planning for a disaster. I struggle with this a lot, and think it makes me a terrible Christian, and I work on it daily.

5) I cannot stand dead small animals, they freak me out. Eg: mouse, cat, dog. This seems strange, because large dead animals do not freak me out. Nor do dead humans. A dead mouse, can throw me into a month of the heebie jeebies.

6) I contend that I am living in the wrong era.

7) I hate for people to see my without my makeup, this gets worse as I age. My DH loves me without makeup and reminds me daily, that I do not need it. However, I feel icky if I am "public" without it. I did manage to forget it this year while I was visiting the White House, and Air force Wife, let me borrow some of hers, but it was not my usual spackle variety. ( I learned that I did not die) I have freckles, I like them covered.

Now who to tag?

Heck go ahead and do the darn thing, will ya, you know if you cannot think of anything to blog about....

Plus, I do not want to be the only person to flaunt my weirdness


airforcewife said...

You aren't weird, you're unique! Which is WAY more interesting than "normal", anyway.

Marc Miyake said...

If you are living in the wrong era, what would be the right era for you? A time in the past, or a time to come?

Rachelle Jones said...


I am unsure when would have been the right era for me, 30's-50's is my guess. Although treking West as a pioneer has always sounded intriguing, I would have complained so much, I might have been left for dead...

Sarah said...

You are stunning, with or without make-up. And you don't need it.

I hate scary/creepy movies too.

Also, can I move back in time with you?