Wednesday, December 03, 2008

social networking....

OK OK, so I tried myspace, and found it incredibly boring, and just too much...I tried.

So then I found facebook (tons of bloggers on there!!) and I actually like facebook.

It is like mini blogging, sorta.

However, there are some strange thing that come with facebook.

1)Like someone sending you a friend request, and you have no idea who they are. and you think perhaps I have forgot a name, that happens. So you look at the photo. Nope. So you send them a message and it turns out, you do not know them at all. Some people are dorky, and just like "lots" of friends"...odd.

2)Having someone from high school, that was a douchebag to you contact you all nicey nicey. I ignore these requests like I ignore a growling strange dog. No thanks. I am one of those people that was not thrilled with most of my high school experience. Skinny, awkward girls called bones, skeletor are like that.

I assume this facebook thing could be stranger, if an ex girl or boyfriend contact you. (I have not had this happen) I was not a prolific dater, and heck I married at 20. But ughhh...


Army of Mom said...

Just wait till this happens to you.


Hope all is well. I've been a bad blog reader. This whole working three jobs thing is for the birds.

Linda said...

I have 2 ex-boyfriends on my facebook. They're good friends, and it was nice to catch up with them. We split on good terms (one was because I had graduated and left for the Air Force). Still, like you, there are certain people I just don't feel like approving, so I ignore them. And I've learned my lesson about "friending" people that are less then friendly (I had all the spouses and soldiers from my hubby's unit - they've all back-stabbed and turned on me), so they're being deleted as soon as we are gone in three weeks).

But I do like the aspect of finding old friends and rekindling friendships with them!

Anonymous said...

I've been able to contact a few friends I haven't talked to for years. It's been nice.

No Ex girlfriends though. Number One has rules about that.


Give a try.