Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Collective are bonified midwesterners now.

We went to the Holiday Parade.

Brr temp was about 24 degrees with the wind chill.

And although we were bundled, we had never gone before and of course good ole Mom did not prepare to sit down through a parade.

Lesson learned, next year I will take blankets and chairs. As there is no standing (no obstructing views of others (smart). However I had to sit on a cold slap of cement. I kept the 2 on my lap, which kept me warm, but they are getting heavy. My butter is NUMB. NUMB.

The parade was great, about 10 marching bands, floats and large character helium balloons.

The kids made it for an hour before they started complaining about being cold. Frankly I thought the parade wold be perhaps 30 minutes or so. I mean who would think a parade in 24 degrees would last an hour and a half? (Not including to trek there and back). It was quite cold, next year I will pack chairs and blankies. Lesson learned. I did suprisingly well, the only part of me that was freezing was my butter.

This afternoon we are going to try and find SR boots. PN has a pair, I found from Walmart that is good for 10 below zero. , SR does not because they were out of boots the night we went. I am also going to buy the 3 of us 2 pair of wool socks each. I would wait for Santa, but is to cold to wait. I also need to purchase PN a winter dress, that can also pass for a Christmas dress, she loves dressing for church, and she currently has no winter dresses. SR needs a sweater. The annual trip to Santa is any day now, and a photo will need to be taken. I think that should get us through the next few weeks.

I also have to get 3 gift cards for Birthdays, which will not be nearly what I would like to do, but hopefully folks will understand. December is an expensive month.

Let me see.....

the list the list...

Groceries for our absense, etc....

A couple of certificates for local eateries in case my Dad and his lady do not want to cook etc.

I hope your weekend is a wonderful one, and you are enjoying preparing for the Holiday.



Some Soldier's Mom said...

you need to make "sit-upons" (do you know what those are?? GREAT for all kinds of activities -- parades, picnics -- any place you have to "sit upon" a cold or possibly wet surface.

you can google the term and lots of different sets of instructions pop up! they are GREAT!! and you can tie them around the kids' waists so they don't even have to carry them!! (and they can be left in the car so that you always have them!!)

Stacy said...

That is way too cold for me. Guess I am getting old...