Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I scooped, and will not need a gym membership...

I love my home, and am blessed, but holy Moses scooping a driveway of this size is nuts, as is the 1/2 acre corner lot with a sidewalk half way round the block. My arms will be rocking by March!! I also managed to scoop the deck.

One of the neighbor guys was out scooping when I was, I finished before he did, and so wanted to yell "I WON!"

Arm wrestling matches to come!

It is cold.

weather channel says...

Feels Like

18F stands for 18 freaking degrees.


the kids are out playing.

Santa, if you are reading this, they kids could use snow shovels. *cough*

I borrowed a pair of DH's wool socks today. They are the warmest things ever, and now I want 2 pair of them for Christmas. My feet did not get a bit cold! Amazing stuff wool. The only thing that managed to get cold, were my ears, and they were painfully cold. I had a stocking hat on, but should have worn my ear headband thingy. Lesson learned. Next time I will wear both. Everyone looks like an idiot, it is winter. And I could care less if I look like an idiot in these dreadful conditions. The entire time I scooped I kept thinking about the Donner party during that horrid winter. The isotoner gloves from MIL last Christmas, were perfect, and my hands did not get cold.

So today I learned, I can scoop a lot of area, and in good time. I can do it for excercise. In fact you burn 9.1 calories per minute scooping snow! Bring on the egg nog, Momma has found a new workout! Wool socks are warm. Cover ears better!

Off to enjoy recession chicken.


Support the Troops said...

Must be a Nebraska thing, this scooping business. Up in Minnesota (Minnesnowta?), we use to call that shoveling snow. In North Carolina, where I am now, we don't much do that.......we have solar plowing.

Still, a free workout for five months out of the year isn't the worst thing that could happen.....

XtnYoda said...

Enjoying Global Warming up there?

Better get ready for a long cold winter! :-)

But fret not, it's going to be cold down here in Ark as well!


PS I got to see Hubby and Doc tonight! Make him give me advance notice next time!