Saturday, December 06, 2008

well I tried on the dresses

OK the black dress, a touch big, but I think passable. Simple black pumps with pointy toes, and pearls. It looks fine.

I did try on a champagne/taupe halter dress. Way big. Must sell. Will either consign it, or craigslist it. It is gorgeous, and has beading on it.

I would consider getting things altered, but last time I had a dress altered it cost $45, that is $10 more than I paid for the black dress new.

Silly. I will continue to bargain and clearence shop, I am brilliant at it.

In good news, I found PN a pretty winter dress, and sweater. SR now has winter boots, that are good to 10 below zero.

Wool socks, are hard to find, and the kids were pooped. No fun shopping with a fussy girl.

I will look for wool socks tomorrow after church. DH warns me I will freak over the cost. (Because I am the cheapest person on the planet) I am. If they are uber expensive I will just get the 3 of us one pair tomorrow, and will get another pair next month. I would freak out if I walked up to a register with 6 pairs of socks and they say, that will be 70$. I would faint dead in the store.

I have been thinking about crocheting a scarf for DH and each of the kids for a Christmas gift. I am certainly not the Worlds greatest crocheter but I think it might be sweet. I will do simple scarves, so it should not take me long. I think my Sister would like one too, she lives near work and walks often a scarf would make her warm.

Buy some yarn tomorrow.

*Note to self, measure your diningroom table lady, also take your black boots in, and get the heels repaired ASAP, and YOU NEED AN OIL CHANGE*


Sarah said...

Did you get yarn today?
Didja? Didja?
I wanna see the finished scarves...

Lori said...

You might try Lands End or LLBean for the wool socks. Their prices are probably as reasonable as you would find in the city. And, you'll likely have a good selection.

Wendy said...

Cabellas and other outdoor/sporting type places are where I usually find wool socks for Hubs. (I'm on their email list and get sale ads almost daily right now)

Sears and Walmart also carry wool socks in their sporting goods sections. Mine I get at Walmart (wool blend) or Penneys for a little more style - that is if wool socks can be called stylish.

Yep, the price is gawdawful, but they last several winters for Hubs and I've just now started tossing wool socks I bought 5 years ago.

They make a world of difference, once we start hitting the subzero windchills you're gonna be really glad you have them.

Oh, since it's been a awhile since you've lived here, when the temps drop to single digits or below, remember to cough or fully exhale when you go from the warm temps inside to the freezing temps outside or your lungs get pretty uncomfortable for the first few breaths.

Also, I got a real shocker my first winter here when I found out that nose hairs really can freeze.

Good luck on your first winter back.

Anonymous said...

The crocheted scarf would be a nice gift this Christmas! I got one last year from my mom and I love it.

liberal army wife said...

I didn't go for wool for my "o-good-grief-it's-cold" socks. I found fleece ones... toasty toes.