Monday, December 29, 2008

The recliner turns into a bed at 9pm?

That sleep that was so elusive last night, and early this morning....

Oh yes, it has sought me out and found me.

I guess I am getting older, as I am pooped.

I volunteered to work extra today, as someone was ill and at home. I didn't mind, as I will miss a day because of the holiday. The days fly by, and are extremely busy. I love that. I look at the clock when I clock in, and then bam, someone is telling me it is lunch time, and then folks tell me it is time to go home. Gotta love that. It is busy.

PN has taken to school nicely. She has even grown accustomed to the afternoon nap. Ha, joke is on me, as I have been trying this since birth with the tot. I had tried everything.

SR has been going to work with DH over the holiday break, a year ago this would have been nightmarish, but now, all is well. I was concerned this am, because DH had a briefing with the big wigs, and SR stayed in DH's office and watched a movie. No shenanigans. The shark tooth that was behind the baby tooth, is moving forward, which is a relief to me. He also has another shark toth that is coming up behind his other lower front baby tooth. I am guessing, we will have to be as patient with that one.

DH had dinner ready to go when I got home tonight. This was very sweet of him, and a good treat.

Dishes are done, laundry, well it can wait. I have a short day tomorrow, at least on schedule. If I can pick up a coupe of other hours I will.

I am off to lie my head on the pillow and seriously sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful. Glad you are enjoying your job so much and that everyone is taking to it. You deserve such goodness in your life!