Thursday, December 18, 2008

Alarm, we don't need no steenking alarm.

The Collective both woke coughing and hacking this morning. My guess is bacterial bronchitis.

I may have the onset as well.

So today on the list of crap that needs to be done.

Make appointments for the collective, maybe me too.

Get a cell phone, I ran out of time yesterday.

Get teachers Christmas gifts.

Car goes into the shop. (I think it is the thermostat thingy.


I am finding it almost laughable that months go by with me on an open schedule, and then blammy emergencies happen.

Unsure what to wear again.

I am thinking black pants (they are huge, but may do), a black turtleneck and brown blouse.

Of course my cell is not working, so I will have to make appointments from work.

I am not cooking tonight, we have far too many errands to run. I made soup last night, and we have leftovers. We will see.

*also, I am a hands on learner, training at a job sucks. You look like an idiot for days. I loathe looking clueless. Seriously. 8 years ago I was the go to gal, and now I am clueless. Ick.

*Off to pack everyone cough drops, kleenexes etc. Darn it.



Guard Wife said...

You'll catch on fast. You're like that. And, yes, my children were healthy for 6 months until I finally found this job. Then, fevers, coughing, you name it...ugh.

I used to be the go-to gal too...No I'm just the girl on the go-go. (Too bad I was never a go-go girl; I'm convinced I could be retired now).

RedLegMeg said...

Sounds like all is going well and I'm glad to hear it! I also hate the training phase of any job. I just want to get straight to the part where I'm the go-to girl with all the answers! ;)

Richmond said...

Oh boy - I hope you all feel much much better SOON!

Anonymous said...

About job training ... after being a professor for years, doing everything my way, having to start all over again at the bottom of my company was a drastic change. I went from giving clues to needing them.

But that phase will soon pass for you, as it did for Guard Wife:

I think I've proven myself to be relatively competent so no one minds handing stuff off to me ... LOTS of folks coming into my area to see what I'm doing and what I can do for them.

Today's only day 4. Hang in there!

soldierdeb said...

well... I am standing "virtually" with you! Hang in there. Tomorrow is Friday and then the weekend.
Big batches of soup always come in handy with days like today.