Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I give it an 9

Even with the lack of a cell phone, a car heater not working, a vehicle switch, a bank visit, stop off at the store, a sort of impromptu Dr. visit for a lump in my breast, the act of dropping 2 children off, and picking them up all while driving in 4 inches of snow, I give the day high marks.

The entire house was ready for me to rejoin the workforce. The kids can dress themselves, they wake up on their own, they can get backpacks, coats, boots, etc ready. The morning is a smooth process. One year ago it would have been chaotic, everything just seemed to fit into place. I hope this was indicative of our new schedule.

I like my work place, although there is a lot to learn, but everyone was VERY WELCOMING and sweet. It is a busy place. It is sooo nice to be around adults, and helping people. It is nice to earn money, and feel productive. Not that being home was not work. It has been the hardest job EVER. EVER. My family is just ready for phase 3. PN loved SCHOOL. LOVED it. Her teachers said she was like a duck to water, and she displayed the loveliest manners she has ever seen. PN actually made friends today! Several of them, but one little girl in particular. She is EXCITED. Both children hit the bed at 8:15 tonight and did not make a peep. I am thrilled she likes it, she is a social creature. She is ready for kindergarten, but we could not enroll her because of her age. She was impressive today. I like the school so far, and she LOVED it.

My hair looked great when I left this morning, and than it went haywire. Naturally curly fine hair will do this. Darn it.

The added bonus, was returning home to find my driveway, and walkway cleared by my favorite neighbor!! How nice is that? Very nice. Because by the time I rolled in tonight, the sun was set, and it was COLD.

I would give the day an 9 on a 1-10 scale.

My Dr. wants me to go in for a mammogram, with aspiration, or biopsy (whatever the result calls for). He thinks it is nothing, as do I. My family history of cancer is alarming, so I just want ensure all is well in boobville.


Cassandra said...

Congrats on the new job and I'm glad everything went smoothly

Peter said...

Hurray for you!

Anonymous said...

Wow, with so much going wrong at first, your day still rated a 9? Sounds like Murphy called it quits early. The rest of the day must've been off the scale - in the teens?

What would you consider to be phases 1 and 2 of your family?

Hope your checkup turns out OK.

Guard Wife said...

Good wishes for things to go well in Hooterville. We have to protect those assets if we're ever to reprise our roles in Vegas. :)

So glad your 1st day was a success.

Happy for PN too! What a big girl!!

Some Soldier's Mom said...

so glad it went well... I saw a great car magnet today -- and thought of you! It was a pink ribbon and in large letters across it said, "Save the Ta-Tas!" I laughed hysterically! Hope all is well... and glad work is not yet "work"!