Wednesday, December 10, 2008

OK computer

I was encouraged to bring the computer to DC. Heh.

DH said, what if we need to google something? What if we are stuck at an airport for 10 hours?

So I will. I think he also gets it is my dumping place.

This morning I have made beds, boiled a dozen eggs (kids love them, and grandpa gets out of making breakfast) , made sausage, put a chicken in the oven to roast, (for a pot of chicken noodle soup) and did dishes.

why in the heck is leaving town sooooo much work?


My Father celebrated his birthday December 7th. He was born Dec 7, 1941. Anywho, since I am in lurve with wool socks, that is what he is getting for his birthday. I must go get them today. I also have a few things to pick up at the store.

I still need to vacuum.


Marc Miyake said...

what if we need to google something?

Good question!

Sinologist Peter Boodberg believed that scholars should memorize texts, but the rest of us need search engines.

I feel mentally amputated without Google.

it is my dumping place.

The word "dumping" doesn't do justice to what you do.

This trip is for your husband and you, so I won't mind if the blog goes dark.

Just turn on the light when you're back!

Sarah said...

Amritas is too nice. I want daily updates! I will miss you while you're gone...

In exchange, I promise updates when my husband gets home.

wendy said...

Oooh! Sounds like fun!

Guard Wife said...

Thank GOD you took your computer. It pained me greatly to know you'd be away for days and I wouldn't even know what was going on or know there was a chance you could read my e-mail before you come home. LOL Miss you!!