Thursday, December 18, 2008

It is laughable



I made appointments today.

Time of appointments? 3:30pm. Problem?

Getting everyone hauled in and out, etc.

I managed to leave work at 2:30pm. I called the respective schools ASAP, and asked them to have kids dressed and at the door! Even with that we made it to our appointment at 3:32.

I was correct.

SR has bilateral bronchitis.

PN has left sided bronchitis.

I have bronchitis, and a sinus infection. Neither are bad yet, I am just feeling a bit heady from it.

But can I just say darn it. Darn it. Darn it.

We are all on meds! Hooray.

It is now 6:12pm, and we have been in the house for 12 minutes.

DH is a doll and is going to pick up gift certificates for the teachers for a local coffee house. Thank God. I am in no mood to drag us about. As we have freezing rain that is already hitting the frozen roads. Very dangerous indeed.

I am finding it almost laughable that all of this is going on RIGHT now. Seriously.

Oh, my car is now fixed.....(thank God I have a job)

Eeegads, my current mood=not amused.

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