Sunday, December 21, 2008

20 below

How thrilling, that you get a weather report, and a description of what I am wearing daily.

I just made a big breakfast of hash browns, eggs, bacon, and biscuts. We are getting ready for church.

DH is taking the kids to Desperdeoux, and I have to finish shopping for The Collective. DH did some of it yesterday. He did stocking stuffers, and some of the gifts. I am going to try and wrap some as well.

Todays big purchase is a humidifier. It is so dry in the house, it is terrible. Yesterday DH got his Christmas gift. A snow blower. Holy Cow it was expensive.

I might break down today and make cookies with the kids. I have not started baking yet, frankly we do not need the sweets, but it is Christmas.

Off to get ready for a day running.

Need to get everyones medicine in them after breakfast.

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