Thursday, December 04, 2008


I have been laying off applying for jobs, although the money would be fantastic with about 7 birthdays this month and Christmas, the logistics of daycare over the holidays, well it is nightmarish. Especially for 2 children.

So opted out of seriously hunting for a position. Last night while sitting here in the quiet, I went and checked a couple of places, just to see what had been posted since I last looked. I found 2 real possibilities.

I went ahead and emailed a cover letter and resume, guessing it might take 2 weeks to hear back from them.

It seems to take about 2 weeks to hear from folks, and then another 2 weeks after an interview, if you manage to get one. So I went ahead and applied thinking, well heck they probably are not hiring over the Christmas Season, so I will hear back from them Jan 2.

I got an e-mail very early this morning, and then had an impromptu phone interview. They wanted to see me today! TODAY. Holy Moses, I was not prepared for this. At all. DH is gone, and finding a sitter with like 3 hours notice, well it will not going to happen for me. So I asked them if they could wait until Monday, they agreed. I was also pretty honest about needing M-F and needing to earn enough money to make working worth my time, they threw a number out, and I can manage on that number. I was down right honest about M-F and being available to my family. The HR director seemed to understand. I pretty much gave them room to wiggle out of things if they wanted.

Becoming a working Mom, is full of logistical nightmares, for those of you who do it I applaud you. the amount of phone calls and jumping through hoops is ridiculous. Finding someone you trust with your sweet children, is a lot of pressure. School drop off and pick up times. It is some serious planning. I have NO FLEXIBILITY. None. DH's schedule changes from one moment to the next some days...

So it would appear I have a job interview Monday.


Marc Miyake said...

Interview Monday!? Congratulations and good luck!

When applying for academic positions, I'd wait months for a response, if I got one at all. So I appreciate the quick turnaround in the "real world." I applied to a "real world" job, got a response in hours, and an interview a day or two later.

Even if you don't get this job, at least you'll know sooner than later. As Tom Petty sang, "The waiting is the hardest part."

Some Soldier's Mom said...

eeewww... nice. here's wishing on a star for you!

check with other moms at school -- even the teachers are "in the know" about before & after school sitters and programs... you also might see if your county licenses care providers... check the local college or jr. college and see if they have on-site care centers (or near the hospitals -- they have early & late hours to accommodate hospital staff?? just thinking out loud... wish we were closer -- we'd pitch in!!

ps working mother is a redundant phrase...

vet66 said...

Ask the interviewers if they offer baby sitting or child care on the premises as part of the working environment. Can't hurt.

Be patient and good luck!

Guard Wife said...

Good luck!! :) We didn't even chat about this last night. I'm derelict (is that spelled properly??) in my friendship duty!

I know you will be awesome.