Monday, December 29, 2008

and my son turns 7 this week....

My Son turns 7 this week.

It is unbelievable to a part of my heart, and a relief to the rest of it. The picture that I have up at the header is from 2005. It is amazing what happens in 3 years time. We are blessed he is healthy, and what we had thought might have been possible Asperger's syndrome, is not. He is loving school now, and his chosen career at this time is a video game creator. He has a few good friends at school, and is working hard consideration for others.

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Caroline said...

One of my college classmate's husband worked for Dream Works as a video game tester, it was quite nice. Evidently they have everything you could ever want at the office fully stocked kitchen, gym, any sport you wanted to play and cots. I think he might be onto something!