Sunday, December 28, 2008

Almost over...

The long weekend, is almost over.

Wow, that was quick.

I tried to use it to play with The Collective.

Games for children, that have been a hit with The collective?

Rush Hour

Toot and Otto

Who's Who Extra (PN loves this!)

In case you need games for children, those are all great, learning games that are fun!

Tomorrow, I need to go to work, take PN to school, and bank.

SR wants mini chocolate eclairs for his birthday, so I will oblige.

Must go finish laundry........

I am going to need a night per week in which to do ironing, I used to do it on Wednesdays, and perhaps, I can do it then.

Tonight I am watching The Notebook, whilst catching up with the weeks washing.

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Guard Wife said...

The Ms have a game called "Picturereka" at their school. M2 asked Santa for it & he delivered. They love this game & it's easy for all ages to play. Maybe PN and SR would like it too? I think Santa said they even carry it at Wal-Mart!