Friday, December 19, 2008

There are some things, you just cannot make up

This is my first week on the job.

Of course, we have had 2 Dr. appointments.

I have a mammogram Monday, with a biopsy or aspiration, whichever is deemed necessary. But I digress.

To add fuel to the fire, today was a snow day, for both of the Collective. Great.

You see last night we had ice, on top of the snow on the ground.

The phone rang at 5:30am from the public school to let us know.

My kids were actually up at 5:30, I think it may have something to do with the oral steroids they are on, I am not sure, as I have just gotten home, and have not seen them yet. But steroids can make people WOUND.

I looked around the neighborhood and noted no lights were on at any of the neighbors, and I saw no traffic.

When interviewing for my job, I actually asked about snow days. (they are far and few between here.

Anywho, I decided since DH took the day off, which was stepping up to the plate big time, I would go in early so they knew I wanted to be there, and was not sure if anyone else could make it.

It was a good day, I learned a lot. I went ahead and just dove in.

In other good news they approved me to come in after I drop SR at school. Yeee haw. This WAS HUGE, you have no idea. that will save me $72 a week in fees for transporting him to school. I am thrilled.

I am so glad to be working for folks that understand.

$72 a week, is a gas bill, or phone adds up quickly.

I am impressed that DH is actually putting things on hold, so I can show up ready for work.

all is well.

And to the person that created mucinex, Thank You!!

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vet66 said...

Great job and great people you are working with.

Proves the old adage that patience is indeed a virtue.

ditto mucinex!