Wednesday, December 17, 2008

making donuts

you all know how I loathe mornings.

I think it is from waking at 4:30 for years to be at work at 6am, and working 12 hour shifts as an LPN.

I am working on my coffee right now.

A shower ought to help me wake.

This morning I am playing, what to wear to make my wardrobe appear larger than it is.

I think I have settled on a tan long trumpet skirt, brown turtleneck, and brown boots. I am gonna have to wear snow boots though. I am not pounding through snow drifts in 4 inch heels. I tried to manage yesterday in my little 2 inch black slingback kitten heels. Brr....that is nuts.

When I get off work today I must go get wrapping paper, and then let the collective help wrap some things for Grandma tonight. I must send her package ASAP!!


Anonymous said...

I know you'll think I am nuts (I's true) but I envy the weather you're having. We moved here (to DC) from beautiful frozen Alaska, where snows stays for MONTHS.....

tip: carry your strappy shoes in a backpack and wear your snowboots. A girl's gotta have some fashion.

Send me some snow, willya?

Guard Wife said...

You'll be lovely no matter what you wear! I'm playing the same game every day. I also have the added bonus of most of my pants becoming too big, but not having shrunk an official full size yet...nice look.


liberal army wife said...

well. the boots on, shoes in the Spouse Buzz bag - there ya go, it's winter..