Saturday, December 27, 2008

Family time

Ahhhh...I just got finished coloring my locks, and taking a very long soak...

I have been a lazy bones today. Heck yesterday and today.

We did go see Adam Sandler's Bedtime Stories, and it was cute. the Collective sat through it, much to my surprise, as it was not animated. We all enjoyed it, and it was a nice family movie.

We also went out for pizza for lunch. I was tired of cooking, and dishes, and wanted non Holiday food.

I managed to finish my MILs scarf, and need to mail it now. I am terrible about getting things mailed, including Thank you notes, etc...and once again it will go on the list of things I MUST do this 2009.

I got a new camera for Christmas. As PN had broke mine. She got her own camera this Christmas from my Sissy. And I have done everything to warn her she cannot touch mine.

DH is still enjoying his Nano, and I keep calling hime a teenager, because he has white ear buds in 75% of the time now. (Frankly I would too if I lived with me.

The Collective, particularly SR are enjoying unscheduled time off.

I am enjoying the long weekend with my family, and know 3 days together is a rarity, and will remain as such.

I am enjoying work, it is nice to be busy, the days go speeding by. I am having to learn to keep a calender with me at all times.

I think the family is getting a YMCA membership for New Years....

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