Friday, December 05, 2008

The Army moved our trip back one day...



It is fine. So now we leave Thursday instead of Wednesday. We lost a day, but I am OK with that. The kids will exhaust my Dad, so I have to worry one day less.

I am in flux over the banquet...none of my dresses fit I lost a dress size or two) , and my loverly friend and were speaking about this over the phone, and 2 days later, this friend had sent a dress she had at her house, a handbag, and she even surprised me by sending special makeup...

Unfortunately, the dress did not fit my torso. I am broad torso, because I am from good German stock, and am built to pull a handcart out West. Darn, it was cute too.

So I think I can manage to wear a black cocktail dress I purchased for $35 here! (A lesson I learned, never rid yourself of cocktail dresses, because you think you are too big for them, you may shrink) I need to try it one with all of my undergarments etc on, and shoes to see if it can pass. It should. I am not in the market right now for a new dress.

The problem is, it is a banquet, and it is right below the knee, and is a simple sheath dress, boatneck, it appears to be taffeta, there is special detail at the back...hell I have google here, let me look something up.


The expected attire for a reception should be specified on the invitation. In general, the following rules apply:

Afternoon or Early Evening Reception (prior to 8:00 PM)

* Generally informal
* Military women and men: Seasonally appropriate service dress uniform
* Civilian women: Street length or informal long dresses as current styles dictate
* Civilian men: Business suits.

Evening Reception (after 8:00 PM) -Can be informal, formal, following is appropriate:

* Can be informal, formal, or very formal. If informal, the above rules apply. If formal, the following is appropriate:
o Formal (Black Tie)
o Military men and women: Seasonal dinner dress uniform.
o Civilian women: Long formal gown.
o Civilian men: Black tie; tuxedo
* Very Formal (White Tie) Very seldom worn
o Military women and men: Formal dress uniform
o Civilian women: Very formal gowns.
o Civilian men: White tie; full dress evening wear.

OK here is the problem, I have no idea what time the banquet is, I am assuming it is prior to 8pm. I must ask DH if this is formal or not, that would dictate the length of the dress I suppose.

I am starting to get excited about our trip, and am getting ready to make a spreadsheet for my Dad, re: pick up times, city activities, our passes for the museum etc. I should have a couple of things ready in the fridge as well.

They will all eat my chicken noodles...

OK off to was linens, vacuum, etc. etc. etc.

Next time I have the time, and money, and am not rushed by an even I am going to go to Younkers and peruse the formal long dresses and purchase a long black gown, just in case this happen again.

Part of me feels as though this dress is appropriate, I am a traditionalist...


Anonymous said...

Personally, I think your dress sounds perfect. Even if every one else is very formal, a little black cocktail dress will never make you stick out like a sore thumb.

Maybe it's just in the Air Force, but it seems that nothing is really very formal anymore.

Mary said...

Hope you dont think I am stalking you but I had to laugh when I read this post. A few weeks ago we went to a "Dinning Out" with his troop and unit. He did not warn me that it was a "formal" event (he had never been to one before) but boy was I under dressed!!! Thank god one of the other wives was also under dressed. Lesson learned!!!

liberal army wife said...

I have a black long formal. what size are you? I bought it for 35 bucks - brand new never worn, at an estate sale. email me.


Stacy said...

I just with it would have fit you. We tried...

Glad you liked the makeup.

Peter said...

Wear the dress that won't fit over your underwear. After all, the kids will be at your dads and your hubby deserves a treat.